Recognizing Juneteenth

Jun 16, 2023 | 
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Lines for Life honors Juneteenth as a reminder of the struggle toward freedom for Black Americans. We recognize the hardships that racism continues to inflict on Black communities and we embrace Juneteenth as a time to acknowledge these hardships, celebrate progress, and honor the culture, history, and strength of Black communities.

Lines for Life’s Equity and Engagement Team works daily in support of the remarkable leaders and organizers, uplifting our region’s Black community – moving forward together in the face of continuing oppression.

Bretto, Cultural Advocate

“Juneteenth is a love-hate relationship for me. Yes, it is the date and year the so-called African American slaves were supposed to be free – but at the same time, we were still in captivity with Jim Crow laws and segregation, and our ancestors were being hung from trees.”

Bretto, Cultural Advocate, Quote

“Post-Juneteenth, we still had to make it through Jim Crow laws, the Black codes, segregation, and the Klan. We have a long way to go and are still not free post-George Floyd. We’ll let y’all out of the hole, but you’re still in prison. We have Juneteenth, but we are just one step in the journey toward freedom.”

Gabe, Cultural Engagement Coordinator

“Juneteenth means a great deal to me. I look at it as a moment in history when Black Americans were able to be free and take control of their own lives. It was a time for hope and a chance for folks to be what they wanted. In honoring Juneteenth, I honor the countless Black folks that have worked hard to allow me to have the life I have. Their work fuels my passion for helping others – now and in the future.”

Gabe, Cultural Engagement Coordinator, Quote

“Time and time again, we have seen generations work through blood and sweat to give future Black Americans rights, hope, and justice. A lot of work still needs to be done – but through the guidance and knowledge of our ancestors, I can help make an impact just as they have.”

Attend Juneteenth Oregon

Juneteenth Oregon, a nonprofit aiming to preserve and amplify the history and legacy of Juneteenth, is hosting a 2-day festival and parade in Portland from June 17th to 18th! The event will feature live music and entertainment, food, cultural exhibitions, community resources, and more.

Learn more about Juneteenth Oregon.

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