Racial Equity Support Line

Racial Equity Support Line is led and staffed by people with lived experience of racism. We offer support to those who are feeling the emotional impacts of race-based violence and microaggressions, as well as the emotional impacts of immigration struggles and other cross-cultural issues.

Many of us experience racism every day. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where race-based bias, violence, and discrimination happen often. From workplaces to housing to healthcare, we know that our communities are not getting the same kind of treatment as others.

On the Racial Equity Support Line, we have received calls about…

  • Struggling to feel connected to their roots in a foreign country.
  • The emotional impacts felt from gun violence, racial trauma, and the lack of culturally specific resources.
  • Wanting to connect with a familiar voice who can relate to their culture and beliefs.

Experiencing racism can harm our mental wellness.

Whether in small acts, or violent ones, racial bias can have serious emotional impacts. Racism changes how we see the world around us. It’s stressful to worry about how people see us as different or dangerous. It’s exhausting to notice the ways that people treat us as less-than, day in and day out. It’s heartbreaking to turn on the news and learn about more violence against people who look like us.

Support for Workplace Challenges

If you’re experiencing microaggressions or prejudice in the workplace. We’re here to listen and help you navigate through these challenges. Read more about the support we provide.

We get it. And we’re here to talk. To support. To connect.

The person who answers may be a stranger – but we understand what you’re going through. We’ll listen to your situation as you talk through your feelings, and we may offer resources based on what seems most helpful to you.

Explore our culturally specific programs and resources.

Call us today at 503-575-3764.

This line is available weekdays from 10am to 7pm PT. If you have questions, please contact the Lines for Life Equity Team at [email protected].

“My message for those who look like me and come from where I do is: There are mental health professionals who understand the unique struggles we face. Together, we can overcome them.”

Martin, Call Counselor

“Lines for Life has a Racial Equity Support Line, answered by people of color with our own individual experiences, for anyone struggling with the emotional impacts of discrimination. I think that ultimately, we can better understand and provide support for the struggles that we go through in our communities. We feel more comfortable when we talk to someone who has similar experiences.”

Find out more about Amanda’s experience.

Amanda, Call Counselor

“The experiences I have endured as an LGBTQ person and as a Latino/Hispanic person have helped me relate and empathize better with callers who’ve also experienced prejudice and discrimination.”

Read more about David’s story.

David, Call Counselor