Racial Equity Support Line:

Support for Workplace Challenges

Reach out to the Lines for Life Racial Equity Support Line for support and understanding if you’re experiencing microaggressions or prejudice in the workplace. We’re here to listen and help you navigate through these challenges.

Our helpline is staffed entirely by people of color – we can relate to what you’re going through.

The Racial Equity Support Line – funded by the state of Oregon – is a free, confidential service helping people who are feeling the emotional impacts of race-based trauma and microaggressions, among other cross-cultural struggles.

Call for Support: 503-575-3764

This line is available weekdays from 10am to 7pm PT. See our 24-hour services.

Decoding Microaggressions: Understanding Their Impact

Microaggressions can be as damaging as overt prejudice, subtly undermining your confidence and sense of belonging. These indirect expressions of racism or bias often go unaddressed, leaving a lasting impact on mental health. At Lines for Life, we recognize the importance of validating your experiences and offer a supportive environment to discuss and understand these challenges.

Tailored Support for Workplace Challenges

We focus on the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals facing racial bias in the workplace. Our approach is centered on empathy, offering a listening ear and guiding you through coping mechanisms and strategies to navigate the emotional landscapes of race-related prejudice. The Lines for Life Racial Equity Support Line is not a legal advisory service, though we can refer callers to other agencies who provide these services.

Calling the Helpline – What to Expect

Reaching out for help is a courageous step towards wellness. We’re here to provide support for communities of color, offering help and understanding without judgment.

Contacting the Racial Equity Support Line is free and confidential. Callers are not required to share any personal information to receive support.

When you call during our helpline hours, you will reach a supportive call counselor with lived experience of racism within minutes. Outside of these hours, you can leave a message with information on how and when to reach you and we’ll follow up to provide support.

Call the Racial Equity Support Line:

This line is available weekdays from 10am to 7pm PT. See our 24-hour services.

Ongoing Support and Referral to Community Resources

In addition to personalized support, our helpline offers resources aimed at empowering you in the face of race-related bias. From practical advice on coping with microaggressions to options for referrals to culturally responsive counselors and clinics, we’re committed to supporting your journey towards a better quality of life.

You don’t have to face workplace struggles alone. The Racial Equity Support Line is here to listen, understand, and empower you. Contact us today and let us support you in navigating these challenges together.

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