About Us

Clinical Excellence

High Standards for Support

Lines for Life crisis counselors are highly trained to provide the best support possible as they work with the contacts who reach out to our helplines. We are nationally recognized for our excellence and frequently improve our services to better support our contacts’ varying needs. 

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Policy & Advocacy

Advancing Mental Wellness

Lines for Life advocates for state and federal policies that promote mental wellness and prevent substance abuse and suicide. We work with legislators and community partners to create sustainable, positive changes in the way public services and communities respond to crisis and mental wellness.

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Prevention Programs

Recognizing and Responding Before Crisis

Our Prevention programs support community efforts to prevent substance abuse and suicide before they reach a point of crisis. These initiatives and programs address specific issues at county, state, and regional levels – working upstream to reduce community risk.

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Mission, Vision, & History

Read more about our guiding principles, our pillars, and our values and the story of how we came to be.

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Our Board & Leadership

Who’s who at Lines for Life? Learn more about the leaders who are transforming the landscape of mental health crisis support and prevention in Oregon and beyond.

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Media Center

Looking for brochures, flyers, or something similar? Check out this searchable catalog of our materials, videos, and more.

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News & Press

See our latest press releases and who to contact with press inquiries.

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