Oregon Suicide Prevention Conference (OSPC) 

This annual conference seeks to highlight the life-saving prevention work happening throughout our state and region, in communities large and small, urban and rural. Together, we create suicide-safer communities. OSPC is an opportunity to share expertise and strengthen skills in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. Lines for Life partners with OHA to host this annual conference. 

We recognize that finances can be a barrier to accessing resources — thanks to our generous community partners, limited scholarships are typically made available to register for the conference. 


Oregon Conference on Opioid + Other Drugs, Pain, and Addiction Treatment (OPAT)  

OPAT serves as a forum for health systems, clinicians and providers, and community leaders committed to ending the opioid crisis. The conference showcases state and national initiatives that cross disciplines, promote equity, and fight for the dignity and recovery of those suffering from pain, substance use disorder, or both. 

This annual conference, a partnership between Lines for Life and OHA, features innovative solutions from state and national thought leaders in pain treatment, substance use disorder, and mental health treatment and research. 


Tribal Opioid Training Academy 

This annual training academy is led and attended by Oregon’s tribal leaders and focuses on a continuum of substance use care from Prevention to Treatment while touching on health and emergency preparedness. The Academy integrates Tribal Best Practices in bringing knowledge to workplaces, homes, communities, and to individual paths. 

It is a general belief within Oregon tribal communities that Culture is Prevention, is Treatment, is Wellness, and it is Life. This concept has been keeping the community balanced for a very long time. Culture is the key to success and balance; it keeps the community rooted and strong so that it may overcome the trauma that tribal populations have experienced. 


Veteran and Military Suicide Prevention Conference (VMSPC)

This 2019 conference attracted providers and social workers, as well as veterans, service members, and their loved ones. The conference featured topics of interest in veteran and military communities: lethal means safety, cultural training for providers working with LGBTQ+ veterans, information about the Mission Act, traumatic brain injury, moral injury, healthcare and women who have served, and many others. Complimentary suicide prevention training was provided to veterans and their families.