Oregon Conference on Opioids + Other Drugs, Pain + Addiction Treatment (OPAT)

Lines for Life, in collaboration with Oregon Health Authority and other community leaders, is thrilled to convene state and regional change agents annually to exchange successful initiatives and work together on solutions for our communities.

We gather at OPAT to better understand our state’s struggle with opioids and other drugs, pain, and addiction treatment – we identify service gaps, improvement opportunities, and actions we must take to build a system that works for us. A system that works results in fewer people misusing drugs and provides an accessible, humane and supportive response to those struggling with substance use disorders.

OPAT attendees help draft recommendations for system change goals that healthcare leaders can commit to – and leave with skills, connections, and a to-do list for promoting community recovery, health, and wellness for all Oregonians.

We hope to see you again next year!

Reflecting on OPAT 2023: Building the System We Want, Need, and Deserve

OPAT 2024: Building Community for Action