Mental Health First Aid

Length: 8 hours

Intended for: Providers, Educators, Community Members

Credit: Approved for credit through NASW, MHACBO, and AMH

This interactive eight-hour community education program teaches participants how to identify, understand, and respond to indicators of mental illness and substance abuse. Mental Health First Aid participants will challenge conventional stereotypes regarding mental illness, reframing myths into positive action and compassionate understanding.

This Mental Health First Aid course simulates a variety of different mental health crises an individual may encounter. Through sample role-play scenarios and interactive dialogue, participants will learn how to approach and support someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

Specifically, trainees learn, practice, and implement a five-step action plan called ALGEE:
• Assess for risk of suicide or harm
• Listen non-judgmentally
• Give reassurance and information
• Encourage appropriate professional help
• Encourage self-help and other support strategies

After training, participants have reported:
• greater confidence in offering help to others
• reduction in stigmatization attitudes
• improved personal mental health

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