Suicide Rapid Response Program



Suicide Rapid Response helps Oregon’s communities heal from youth death by suicide, while limiting and containing risk of further harm by partnering with experts in the field to provide direct education, support, and resources.


Program Summary:

Suicide Rapid Response (SRR) is led and coordinated by the Lines for Life Prevention Team in conjunction with community service providers. These services are paid for by Oregon Health Authority (OHA). SRR offers support and services to communities who have been impacted by a loss of a youth to suicide, ages 24 and younger.

The blue quick guide on this page outlines the program’s streamlined approach to better serve communities in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information about Suicide Rapid Response, call (503) 575-3758.

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Community Partners

The Rapid Response program may work with one or more of the following providers to coordinate services for the community:

Additional suicide and mental health trainings are available to select adults in the community upon request.

Examples of possible services include:

  • counseling
  • grief support
  • parent listening sessions
  • classroom education workshops
  • extended youth drop-in support
  • peer support
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The Suicide Rapid Response system is collaboratively designed to include evidence-based best practices that are monitored, evaluated, and responsive to community needs.

For youth looking for an immediate resource, visit

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A Partnership with Oregon Health Authority