Reaching Out Despite the Obstacles

May 8, 2024 | 
Mental Health Awareness Month

What keeps you from reaching out?

Everyone needs support sometimes. But reaching out can be difficult. At some point, you may have talked yourself out of sharing a challenging experience with phrases like:

  • I’ll be judged by my experiences.
  • I can’t trust that what I say will be kept confidential.
  • I’m not worthy of support.
  • I’m a failure if I admit something is wrong with me.
  • Asking for support will limit resources for people who need them more.

No matter who you turn to or where you go for help, YOU are worthy of support!

REACHING OUT When You’re a Person of Color

People react to experiences in different ways. And our need for support may look different based on our identities and experiences.
For people of color, experiences of racism and discrimination can be traumatic and, over time, harm our psyche and affect our mental health and the way we move through the world.

Reaching out can feel especially difficult when you feel like no one understands you or you fear people will judge you. And getting support can feel even more complicated if you lack health insurance or access to easy transportation.

If you need support but haven’t found someone you can trust, don’t have insurance, or can’t travel easily, we’re here to help. Get free, confidential support wherever you are from a person of color by calling our Racial Equity Support Line (503-575-3764) – an emotional support helpline led and staffed by those who experience racism and discrimination.

Curious what getting support looks like?

“I didn’t know a line like this existed,” a caller said to a Racial Equity Support Line counselor. When you call 503-575-3764, you’ll talk with a person of color who gets what you’re going through – someone like Martin. You can talk freely and openly about the issues you’re experiencing and know that what you say will be validated and understood.

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