You Call, We Answer

Help Us Respond to Crisis


This giving season, help us respond to crisis.

Every time someone reaches out for help, we answer – our job is to guide them to hope.

We bring our experiences, training, and most of all, compassion, to every contact on our lines.

The new 988 Crisis and Suicide Lifeline is changing the landscape of crisis response, one contact at a time – not only because it makes getting help easier – but because it breaks down barriers of stigma and normalizes connection.

This transformation is about our nation and our communities joining together and saying with one voice: “It is okay to struggle – and it is okay to get help.”

Lines for Life answers with hope across the breadth of our work – not only on our crisis lines.

Our Prevention and Training programs focus upstream – transforming mental health support systems to keep people from reaching a place of despair in the first place. Our YouthLine continues to expand its support in schools and communities, and in partnership with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs with a brand-new satellite center. Our Equity and Engagement programs build mental health skills in communities of color.

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Your support ensures that we answer with hope, 24/7 – please give generously.

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Behind the Scenes: Planning the Always Hope Gala

Every year, as soon as the Gala ends and the Development team is busy packing up at the venue, we start thinking about what we want to do for the next one! Together, we carefully plan every element from invitations, décor, and messaging to auction packages, sponsor and donor experience – hoping to properly show our appreciation and celebrate our supporters and our work.

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You Call, We Answer: Coby, Military and Veteran Liaison

My job at Lines for Life is to ensure that Oregon’s Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF) know how they can benefit from connecting to our Military Helpline, and why it’s important to reach out to us. I come from a family with generations of veterans...
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Start the Conversation: Angie, Lead Clinical Preceptor

I’ve always been passionate about supporting people when they might feel stigmatized or isolated. When I was growing up, my family struggled with poverty. Some of them turned to substances to cope and, even though they were around, I felt alone. The first funeral I...
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You Call, We Answer: Monique, Crisis Lines Clinical Supervisor

There is so much stigma against mental health and suicide in the Black and Creole cultures, but many of us are working to break that stigma. I’ve always been interested in mental health. My family moved to Southwest Louisiana over 300 years ago as one of the premier and largest Creole families.

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You Call, We Answer: Cami, Events Coordinator

The ripple effects of substance abuse and suicide are quantifiable and immense. I know firsthand how difficult it is to lose a loved one to suicide.  I’m a suicide loss survivor. My father struggled with extreme mental illness and died by suicide when I was just nine...
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You Call, We Answer: Colleen, Director of Clinical Training

Suicide prevention is very personal to me – one of the reasons I chose this path is that I want to make sure that help is accessible, and it’s something that people are not afraid to talk about. I grew up in extreme poverty – my brothers and I all struggled with our...