Prevention Programs


Lines for Life’s Prevention programs help county, state, and regional communities establish and maintain systems which reduce the prevalence of suicide and substance use and respond effectively when needed. 


Oregon Helpers Wellness Initiative 

In partnership with OHA, we offer peer-facilitated Virtual Wellness Rooms and occupation-based Wellness Cohorts to medical and behavioral health providers and other populations facing hardship due to COVID-19. 

Finding a healthy work-life balance is a daily challenge for providers, who often avoid help-seeking for stress, anxiety, and depression. We encourage resource sharing to quell compassion fatigue and burnout in these industries and offer a space for other at-risk populations to focus on self-care. 

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Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Partnership 

The construction workforce experiences the second highest rate of suicide of any industry in the United States, which is why we take part in the Construction Industry Suicide Prevention Partnership. The Partnership is a coalition of companies and organizations that aims to build a suicide-safe construction industry. Our work highlights an infrastructure of skills, knowledge, and adequate resources that specifically speak to the construction industry workforce. 

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Oregon Suicide Prevention Website 

Lines for Life manages the Oregon Suicide Prevention website — a hub for resources, training, and events for professionals, providers, and community members statewide. 

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Lethal Means Advisory Group 

Lines for Life, the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Suicide, and other partners research and address lethal means and firearm safety measures for suicide prevention. The advisory group hopes to prevent suicide through safe messaging and gun storage efforts, and to ensure the voices of firearms owners are heard when the Alliance presents recommendations to legislators. 


Safe Disposal for Safe Communities: Reducing Opioids in Circulation 

This partnership with Kaiser Permanente promotes the practice of pharmacy-based medication disposal sites to reduce misuse of leftover or unused prescription opioids. The project provides funds to Federally Qualified Health Centers and independent pharmacies to install medication disposal receptacles on site. 

In partnership with OHSU, Lines for Life is studying community attitudes and knowledge about safe medication disposal at Federally Qualified Health Centers in order to develop targeted education and outreach strategies and promote use of these sites.  

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