b'Supporting Youth Where They Are: Online Our Safe Social Spaces team is reaching young people where they areonlinewith life-saving interventions at times of acute crisis.Every day, young people are on social media posting about their grief, anxiety, and struggles. Many share thoughts of self-harm, often imminent. The Safe Social Spaces team actively seeks out these young people as they struggle, then reaches out to them directly, offering help, hope, and connection.This innovative program harnesses the power of social media to find young people on their worst daysand literally save lives. Im connecting with youth that are going through difficult thingsand I can give understanding and support that they may not be getting elsewhere. Gen, Social Media Emotional Support SpecialistHelping Communities Grieve & Heal When a community experiences a youth suicide, research tells us that the community faces a heightened risk of suicidality. The data also shows that effective intervention can help reduce the risks following a tragedy. Thats why Lines for Life created the Suicide Rapid Response team, which delivers grief counseling, community healing and help following youth tragedy.Rapid Responses Since Program Launch: 34Community Members Engaged in Direct Care/Support: 1050+5'