b'Letter from the CEOThe challenges todays generation of young people face are unprecedented and uniquely hard to navigate. And the effect these challenges have hadon their mental health is devastating.Dr. Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General2021Dear Friends:At Lines for Life, we are dedicated to answering the Surgeon Generals call to action as westep in and support youth mental health. Thats why this year our Annual Report highlights our work delivering hope and connecting with young people as they work through the unique challenges of growing up. In 2021, 42% of high school students reported persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness. The crisis is particularly acute in communities of color and among LGBTQ youth, where suicide rates are climbing at an alarming pace. We also see good news, thoughwhile suicide continues to be the second leading cause of death among young people in Oregon, we have seen reductions overall in youth suicide in Oregon for the last three years in a row. This bucks a national trendmost states are seeing increasing rates of suicide among young people. This progress correlates directly with Oregons commitment and funding to expanded youth mental health programming, including YouthLine services and school-based mental wellness initiatives at Lines for Life, alongside the amazing work of our partners in communties across the state. At Lines for Life, our strategy for youth mental health leads withprevention, crisis intervention, and building a culture of support for young people. Our prevention work includes helping over 87 school districts in communities from Lake County to Astoria establish mental wellness programs. YouthLines 200 teen volunteers work with young people every day to break the stigma against asking for help. And our annual summit on addiction and recovery has prioritized prevention as an essential part of addressing the substance use crisis. YouthLine leads the nation in youth crisis interventionreaching nearly 25,000 young people lastSuicide & Crisis year, in all 50 states. We know that over 350,000 young people reach out to the 988Lifeline each yearthats why we are building the foundation for an expanded YouthLine that can deliver youth-to-youth peer support for those in crisis nationwide. Our Annual Report this year focuses on our impact as we answer the Surgeon Generals call to step in and build a bright, healthy future for young people. Thank you for helping make this important work possible. Best, Dwight HoltonCEO, Lines for Life1'