b'Focusing Oregon on Prevention Bilingual Training for Suicide PreventionThis year, Lines for Life launched the bilingual community training program with two distinct offerings: culturally responsive training in English for those serving Latinx communities, and training in Spanish with additional material designed to break stigma and raise awareness of mental health issues in Spanish-speaking communities. Culturally, a lot of us come in with preconceived notions that mental health issues are happening over there or to other peoplenot us and our families. The reality is that many people in our community are struggling, and once thats out in the open, we have an opportunity to learn the skills to support each other better. Jenny, Bilingual Community Training SpecialistPartnership HighlightThe Construction Suicide Prevention Partnership (CSPP) is working to revolutionize the industry by redefining workplace safety to include mental health and wellness.CSPP trained and supported over 100 construction and organized labor organizationsthanks to the generous support of our funders, including Hoffman Construction and Andersen Construction Foundation.Over 1075 construction industry workers attended substance abuse and suicide prevention training and presentations with CSPP. 8'