b'Building Capacity and QualityEast Portland SatelliteThis year, we began work to open a new YouthLine call center at McDaniel High School in East Portland our first located on a school campus! The new call center will make it easier for young people east of the Willamette to join YouthLine,and our work study program offers financial support to help lift financial barriers to volunteering.200 Youth Volunteers Across Portland and Central OregonSupporting Educators to Prevent Youth Suicide Our School Suicide Prevention and Wellness (SSPW) Program helped schools in 85 school districts across Oregon build suicide prevention programming. 94% of schools with suicide prevention plans tapped Lines for Life for help. YouthLine Mini-Grants for School Suicide PreventionIn 2020, Lines for Life launched a mini-grant program to support school-based suicide prevention initiatives, funded by our state and private sector partners. Since theprogram launched: We have distributed over $270,000 to support projects from wellness rooms to food pantriesMini-grants have supported over 90 schools in more than 20 counties across Oregon3'