b'Warm Springs Tribes Partner with YouthLine The Right Support for Every CallTo address barriers to youth mental health in rural and underserved areas, YouthLine isEach crisis contact has a unique set of identities, circumstances, and needsand no excited to collaborate with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs on opportunities matter the contacts background or situation, we help them find hope. for training, education, community building, and workforce development.Lines for Life has added and improved call counselor training around the importance of This collaboration is led and steered by our tribal partners, who are recruiting local youthcultural humility and responsivity, trauma-informed care practices, and other topics that and young adults on the Warm Springs Reservation to develop a satellite team of YouthLineexpand our competence and compassion and boost the quality of our services. peer volunteers. Centering the mentorship, voices, and needs of tribal communities, this project features a call center that doubles as a drop-in space for youth volunteers to gather,Before they begin the life-Theres a lot of learning and train, connect, access the internet, or do their homework in a supportive environment.changing work of supporting contacts through crisis, our staffself-reflection to do to make sure By offering YouthLine programming within the Warm Springs community, we arecomplete 200 hours of training in destigmatizing mental health and enriching our longstanding tribal crisis de-escalation, suicide andthat we are supporting people in community partnerships.substance use prevention, and what to do when a contact needsthe best ways that we can. Each Crisis Lines in-person intervention.community has unique barriers We regularly invite guest speakers to train our staff on special topicsand opportunities around mental As the awareness of and need for our services continues to grow, more people than everin crisis care and ways to better support specific populations.health that require us to make are reaching out to our services for supportand we answer 24/7 with the skills and training to help them find hope. Our call counselors have uniqueconnections in different ways. opportunities to continue Lines for Life250+ staff learning and building their crisis Colleen Cadell, Director of Clinical Trainingintervention skills. now employsDelivering Support Over Text & ChatWe know that for some of our crisis contacts, reaching out to us over text feels more comfortable and can be more accessible. By hiring and training more call counselors and support staff, we are able to maintain our high standard of quality and care on every crisis call. We also now serve as a national backup center for 988which means that we answer 988 calls from across the nation when other call centers are experiencing an overwhelming demand for help. With the launch of988 in July, Lines for Life expanded its text and chat hours to 24/7 service. 2021 Crisis167,469 We adopted new text-based support software to align with our Lifeline partners nationwide Lines Totalwhich required more learning and training for our counselors on the lines to adapt to the Call Volume: new platform. 6 7'