b'Letter from the CEOAt Lines for Life, our story often starts with someone in their worst moments. They talk about relationships, drinking, work issues, and racial disparities. They ask for help with work and school, and they talk about the challenge of living and just being in a world where they are different. Each time our phones ring, its a call for help.Our phones rang nearly 4000 times in August. And with the national 988 services launch, people also reach out over text and chat, 24/7nearly 1,000 times each month. Every time someone reaches out for help, we answerour job is to guide them to hope. We bring our experiences, training, and, most of all, compassion to every contact on our lines. The new 988 Crisis and Suicide Lifeline is changing the landscape of crisis response, one contact at a timenot only because it makes getting help easierbut because it breaks down barriers of stigma and normalizes connection. This transformation is about our nation and communities joining together and saying with one voice: It is okay to struggleand it is okay to get help. Lines for Life answers with hope across the breadth of our worknot only on our crisis lines but across everything we do. Our Prevention and Training programs focus upstreamtransforming mental health support systems to keep people from reaching a place of despair in the first place. Our YouthLine continues to expand its support in schools and communities and partnership with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs with a brand-new satellite center. Our Equity and Engagement programs build mental health skills in communities of color. A new landscape is with each contact, interaction, and community partnershipa landscape of equitable, accessible mental health support for those who need it. Your support makes this transformation possibleone story at a time. We are proud to share details and stories of our work in this years annual reportand to acknowledge and appreciate you and our many community partners who support us. Best, Dwight HoltonCEO, Lines for Life1'