b'A Nationwide Crisis Response Progress in Equity & Cultural Engagement The nationwide launch of the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline marks a new world in crisis supportIn early 2021, we defined three pillar areas to move our mission forward and have made and interventionone that aligns with our vision and changes how we and our nationwideincredible progress in these areas. Our equity-driven work is building momentum and partners address crisis and prevent suicide.beginning to make waves in the Portland area and beyond. Lines for Life is delivering support services in new ways and reaching more people thanCommunity Empowerment and Capacity-Building ever before. By working with Cultural Advocates who are intimately familiar with the communities we serve, Lines for Life is fostering partnerships with community organizations and even local Our messagethat mental health is as important as physical healthis echoing acrossbusinesses to promote mental wellness in communities of color. the country as public figures, celebrities, and politicians promote mental wellness, break stigma, and expand support systems.In late 2021, we supported the first ever Healing Trauma and Resilience Summitorganized by the Coalition of African & African American Pastors and held at Emmanuel Temple Lines for Life is improving our services to be more relevant, effective, and accessible forChurch in North Portland. The event focused on gathering community leaders to discuss those who the mental health field has left behind in the pastincorporating culturalhow to better support Black community membersparticularly youthas they are responsivity and trauma-informed practices, and diversifying our workforce.impacted by violence, poverty, and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. When people overcome barriers to reach out for help, the quality of our care andLines for Life supported and organized dozens of other community events as our program support helps them find hope.grew, including Mental Health First Aid and suicide prevention trainings for community leaders, workshops with youth and families, and more. 2021-22 Equity & Cultural Engagement Events2021-22 Lifeline Contact Volume Increase6000Whether youve46 25Total Contactsgot a broken bone,305000 or youre suffering40 384000 from depression, 3000 you should have access to the care 2000 you need.Internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 1000Xavier Becerra,One of our priorities as an organization is to ensure our staff come from a variety of U.S. Secretary of thebackgrounds and life experiences. Our recruitment efforts, aided by our equity vision and 0 Department of Healthprinciples, have prioritized proficiency and responsivity with the many differing identities July August September and Human Services and experiences of our contacts. As a result, the demographic makeup of our staff has changed to better represent the 2021 2022 communities we serve with our programs. 2 3'