b'Support for Those Who ServeLeaders Advocate for YouthLine Expansion Lines for Life is taking new steps in preventing and addressing crisis before, during, Legislators are recognizing the power of YouthLines peer-to-peer support and the need for and after military serviceincreasing our footprint in Oregon and partnering withimmediate, easily accessible resources nationwide to support youth mental wellness and community leaders.prevent suicide. YouthLine is preparing to meet this need by diversifying its volunteer base and growing satellite call centers in new areas. 2021 Total Military35,961 2021 Total Services Contacts:YouthLine24,786Contacts:With support from our partners at Oregon Health Authority and Boeing, we have advanced the following programs and services this year: The Lines for Life Military Helpline, launched in 2011, continues to offer 24/7 support forIn May, US Secretary Xavier Becerra and Governor Kate Brown, among other federal and Service Members, Veterans, and their familiesand improve the lives of those who serve.state leaders, met with us at our Portland call center to discuss strategies for addressing We extended offerings of our acclaimed Military Culture Awareness & Suicide Preventionyouth mental health crises nationwideincluding the need for youth involvement in the training for providersor MCASPthis summer and fall to reach more Oregon providers.planning and delivery of these services. We are engaging in an exploratory codesign process to build a support program for the transition to civilian life after military service ends. In addition, we have developed a robust, inclusive strategic planlaunching in early 2023 US Senator Ron Wyden, a long-time advocate for Lines for Life to guide our efforts in preventing SMVF suicide and substance use and to improve the lives of those who serve.services, announced $433,000 of new funding in March to begin work on National YouthLine service. Construction Industry Partners Take Action The construction industry has the second-highest suicide rate of any industry in the UnitedThis funding announcement is just the beginning of our expansionand were ready Statesa suicide rate 3 times the national average.to start making waves. Our first steps in preparing for National YouthLine service include Over 100 organizations, companies, and government partners have joined forces with Linesopening satellite programs in Warm Springs, focusing on diversifying our volunteer base, for Life to form the Construction Suicide Prevention Partnership (CSPP) and are workingand bolstering our administrative and program support to welcome additionalalongside us to reduce suicide in the construction industry.youth volunteers. Member organizations are dedicated to reducing suicide and improving mental health within the construction industryoften this looks like providing training and support onWe continue to work closely with our advocates in state and federal government to gain jobsites to break stigma and encourage help-seeking. This May, CSPP was honored with thesupport for YouthLines continued expansion and to serve more young people acrossMental Health Visionaries award by Construction Working Mindsa national thought andthe nation. policy leader in construction suicide prevention. 4 5'