Recovery Center Hotline

Received a citation for drug possession?

Call 503-575-3769 or 541-575-3769 24/7 to schedule a free, confidential screening.

Those who have received a citation for possessing small amounts of drugs in Oregon can avoid paying a $100 fine by completing a no-cost health screening with Lines for Life. We are currently the only state-approved center that provides these screenings. 

  1. We’ll ask you some questions about your drug use and your health.
  2. We will send you proof of your completed screening with instructions for waiving the fine.
  3. We’re here to support your goals, including paths to recovery. 

Call the hotline today to get started. 

The Recovery Center hotline is only for those who have received a citation in Oregon under the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act – anyone can access these other lines.

We can help you move forward. 

Beyond your assessment, we’re here to support your personal goals, including referrals to affordable, state-approved treatment centers and other recovery resources.


What is the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act (Measure 110)?